Horseman’s Haven

Level Two Chili—it’s a thing. If you consider yourself a Santa Fean, a foodie, adventure eater or just a tough guy, there’s just one chili in all Azatlan you must test yourself against. What appears to be a featureless, greasy spoon that shares a parking lot with a gas station is, in fact, the Mecca and holy grail of the Hatch green chili experience.

Here’s my advice, order whatever you want, I like the open-faced, smothered hamburger. Order a SIDE of level two chili and add it to your dish a 1/4 teaspoon at time. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not joking. Over do it and you’ll sit there with hiccups, unable to finish your meal at all. I think they offer level three, “suicide” chili. If maybe you can—just barely—handle level two, you’ve really got no business going any deeper.

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