Butcher & Bakery

I love going to the Butcher shop and Bakery and getting a dripping-with-cheese, falling apart, big enough for two, totally in-house made sandwich. Authentic french dip with a salty and rich and dipping jus, house-smoked pork shoulder with watercress and dijon, or some other piled high, Dagwood-like masterpiece on freshly baked baguettes. The Butcher shop has some best carved to order sandwiches I’ve ever had—and I’m originally from NY, so I like to think I know most of what there is to know about sandwiches.

It’s satisfying to looks at the meats displayed in the case, giant pork chops, french-boned lamb chops, perfectly tied rounds of Delmonico steaks, crazy-delicious homemade sausages named “Green Enchilada” or “Blueberry Hill.” The list is long when you really delve into all that’s available.

The Butcher Shop is a sister business of three-doors-down Dr. Field Goods, a popular local hangout owned and run by Chef Josh Gerwin. He created to Butcher shop to sell locally produced meats and fare more akin to a town Deli. Growing up where delis were king, I respond to the smells of fresh roasted meats and hand-crafted charcuterie. Now on a Saturday afternoon I can go to the Butcher Shop & Bakery, and in many ways it’s even better than places I remember as a kid.

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